10 design ideas to create a bright home

March 25, 2021

Want to give your home a springtime glow-up? These simple design hacks and decor ideas will light up your interior spaces and make your house feel bright, airy, and inviting.

10 design ideas to create a bright home

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1. Fresh coat of paint

Interior walls and ceilings help reflect natural light back into the rooms of your house. To brighten up your home, skip the dark, moody paint colours and go for pale neutral tones such as white, grey,  and cream. Remember, your ceiling should be at least one shade lighter than your walls, so the light can bounce around the room.

2. Declutter your space

Pairing down the knick-knacks will make your space feel lighter, literally. Use negative space tactfully and achieve an airy minimalist aesthetic by displaying just a few choice items on your bookcases, shelves, or counters.


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3. Update window coverings

Heavy window treatments in thick upholstery fabrics work well in wintertime when you need extra warmth, but light-weight curtains will help brighten up your home for spring. Dress your windows with breezy textiles that let plenty of natural light in – think sheer lace or relaxed linen.

4. Replace dark wood

Wood trims, baseboards, doorframes, and cabinets offer plenty of charm and character, but can also make your home feel dark. Paint out wood trim for a more contemporary look and update heavy kitchen cabinets in a lighter wood finish (oak, ash, birch) or a glossy white laminate.

5. Create light with mirrors

A strategically positioned mirror placed opposite a window will bounce light throughout and create the illusion of a bright home. These reflective decor pieces are both fashionable and functional, and will illuminate even the darkest corners.

6. Add some houseplants

Houseplants are like a breath of fresh air for your house. Visit your local garden centre to pick up a selection of lush greenery and low-maintenance indoor plants to give your living space a bright, tropical feel.

7. Use reflective tiles

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms by giving your tile work a modern makeover. Glass shower tiles, ceramic kitchen backsplashes, and stones with a high-shine finish will reflect light to create the impression of added brightness.

8. Change up your bedding

Stow away heavy woollen blankets, fur throw pillows, and cozy flannel sheets and transition your bedding for the season with breathable light-weight fabrics such as linen or bamboo. If classic crisp white feels too stark for you, opt for on-trend sheets and pillowcases in chic neutrals and pale earth tones like blush, grey, sage, or lavender.

9. Install a skylight

Bright houses feature plenty of windows, so a large skylight is a sure-fire way to draw more natural sunlight into your home. Hiring a professional contractor to install a skylight in your roof can make your home feel large and airy.

10. Invest in metallic accents

Metallic home decor and accessories in silver, copper, brass, and gold will add shine and brightness throughout your home. Try incorporating iridescent metallics into your artwork, furniture, and fixtures (drawer handles, knobs, and hooks) for shimmering pops of light.

From fabrics and fixtures to paint colours and decorative accent pieces, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your decor and bring light into your home this spring.

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