10 outdoor kids summer activities to fight boredom

July 23, 2021

Keeping your kids busy, active and outdoors is no small feat in the heat. Try these 10 boredom-busting ideas to help you get outside and have fun with your kids all summer long.

10 outdoor kids summer activities to fight boredom

[Photo Credit: Jacob Lund]

1. Host a garden party. We all need something to celebrate these days. Work with your kids to plan a backyard get-together for family or friends. Let them dream up a theme, craft some decor, and prep simple beverages and appetizers for the guests.

2. Play in the sand. No beach? No problem. Grab a few bags of play sand at the local home improvement store and fill a kiddie pool with it. Toss in sand toys, or even old kitchen tools and containers, and build a sandcastle in your backyard. Add a game of intrigue by hiding small objects in the sand.

3. Give the dog a bath. This chore can become a fun family activity when done right. Fill the kiddie pool with water and doggie shampoo and set the garden hose on a gentle mist. Kids, and pets, will have a great time hosing each other down.

4. Take a nature hike. Grab your binoculars, a magnifying glass, water bottles, and plenty of snacks before heading out to your nearest provincial park. Bring a wildlife guide and take the time to spot bugs, birds, and animals of all kinds.


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5. Design your own racetrack. Find a safe space in a driveway, parking lot, or quiet street to hold your competition. Sidewalk chalk is the key to drawing lanes, stop signs, and roadblocks on your personalized road race. Elect a race marshal and invite drivers to compete on bikes, trikes, skateboards, or scooters.

6. Have a party at the park. Next time you’re planning a gathering for a birthday, play date, or dinner with friends, consider meeting up at a local park. Kids will love the opportunity to roam freely with friends while the adults set up a tasty picnic and lounge on blankets or folding chairs.

7. Wash the car. No, seriously! Kids love to help, especially when there’s water play involved. Pick a hot day, put on old clothes, and get splashing - after the work is done, of course.

8. Have a planting party. Kids of all ages can discover their green thumb with tasks from digging in the dirt to planting seeds, pulling weeds, or deadheading plants. Buy small-size tools and gloves to really invite your littles into the gardening fun.

9. Try more ways to make S’mores. You know the campfire method, of course, but have you tried the microwave method? You can even make this classic treat using the sun as your heat source. Put your sweet, little sandwich in a sunny, outdoor spot until the marshmallows and chocolate start to turn gooey.

10. Organize a toy swap. Do your kids have a collection of toys they don’t play with anymore? So do all of their friends. Contact other parents to arrange a get-together where kids get to exchange their old playthings for new ones. This fun idea saves both money, and the planet, by recycling toys that might otherwise be thrown out.

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