10 perfect gift ideas for the athlete in your life

October 16, 2014

Finding the perfect gift for the athlete in your life can be easier than you'd think. Which of these great ideas will you choose?

10 perfect gift ideas for the athlete in your life

Today's fitness and sports enthusiasts are equipped with myriad electronic devices, athletic clothing fashions and other accessories that can often seem impractical or off-the-wall to those who take a more moderate approach to working out.  Fortunately, there's a great range of possibilities when it comes to finding a sport- or exercise-specific gift that your athlete will enjoy.

From fantastic to farcical, you can find just about anything on the Internet to offer as a present for the athlete in your life. Here are some practical gift ideas including gear, garb and gizmos.

1. Activity monitors

The market is filled with wrist bands and clip-ons that measure your steps, heart rate, sleep, workout intensity – you name it.

2. Yoga mats

Sure, your athlete might already have one, but they do get dirty and worn out. You can even get them personalized as an extra added touch.

3. Wall frames

Help your athlete proudly show off their achievements and accomplishments with frames for their race numbers and other memorabilia.

4. Athletic spray powder

Cyclists, runners and other endurance athletes will always need a new can of anti-chafing powder.

5. Head lamps

If your athlete enjoys nighttime hiking or running, an LED head lamp will help them keep on the trail.

6. Healthy recipe cookbooks

Athletes tend to be pretty fanatical about what they put in their bodies. Give them some new recipes to try.

7. Sports headphones

Few people, especially athletes, go anywhere without music. Try a tangle-free cord and ambient noise-reducing ear buds.

8. Reflective clothing

From jackets to leggings to headbands and more, make your athlete stand out to others with safety-conscious apparel.

9. Event registration

If you know your athlete is training for a particular triathlon, why not surprise him by paying for his admission fee?

10. Gift card

Face it, everyone wants to buy their own stuff, anyway. Save yourself the hassle.

A word of advice before you shop

Refrain from purchasing gift ideas that your athlete would want to choose on their own unless you know specifically what they want. Running shoes, for example, are a very personal part of an athlete’s gear, something for which your marathon runner must take painstaking steps to find the perfect fit, comfort, durability and wear.

In any case, you should always include a gift receipt – even the right device or apparel might not be your athlete’s favourite colour!

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