10 rainy day activities to put your child's blues at bay

February 19, 2016

When you have young kids at home and it’s bad weather, you have to think fast and you need to occupy them or they will get bored very quickly. Check out these fun activities to do with kids when they can’t run and play outside.

10 rainy day activities to put your child's blues at bay

1. Plan a tea party

Get everyone to dress up nicely – with hats, too! Brew some tea and offer tiny sandwiches for a lovely lunch. For extra fun, get kids to speak with an English accent.

2. Launch a film festival

Pick a theme, then pop some popcorn and gather bowls of treats so you can all cosy up on the couch to watch your favourite flicks.

3. Start a band

Start by getting kids to make their own instruments, such as macaroni in a plastic bottle or pots-and-pan drums, then write a simple song, come up with a band name and let the music play.

4. Go indoor camping

  • Pop up a pup tent in the living room or just hang a few blankets from the dining room table.
  • Turn the lights off, throw in some comfy pillows, eat hot dogs and tell scary stories or play games like Broken Telephone.

5. Bake something good

  • Kids love to get in the kitchen and make something yummy.
  • Stick to simple recipes like chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes, so they don’t lose interest.

6. Play hide and seek

  • You will be surprised at all the hiding spots you have in your home.
  • Simple ideas like crawling under the bed or hiding in a closet go a long way when kids have to hunt for you.

7. Fake a grocery store

  • Set up a “store” in your living room. Arrange canned goods, items of clothing and small toys around the room, then shop till you drop.
  • Alternatives include playing “school” or a trip to the “zoo.”

8. Go on a treasure hunt

Hide small items around the house, then leave clues for kids to find and follow.

9. Dance your way through a disco party

  • Get out the glitter and come up with some disco tunes to use as a playlist, then shake your booty.
  • Bust out your best moves and feel free to include a dance competition, too!

10. Get out the games

  • Don’t limit yourself – get out board games, play a few card games, even computer games.
  • Whatever your family enjoys playing together will prove to be an entertaining bonding experience. Suddenly, the rain won't feel so bad after all.
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