10 reasons to address hearing problems now

July 10, 2015

For most people, hearing is a critical part of how we navigate our daily life and interact with the world. If you suffer from hearing difficulties, here are 10 reasons why you should address this problem right away.

10 reasons to address hearing problems now

Make hearing issues a priority

  1. Many hearing problems are correctable. If you don't receive treatment, you are needlessly missing out on many of the joys of hearing and being able to communicate easily with your family and others around you.
  2. Poor hearing may hamper your work, hobbies and social life. Even simple everyday activities, such as making telephone calls or going shopping, can become major sources of frustration. This adds pointless stress to your life.
  3. In some cases, the degree of hearing loss will worsen with time – possibly irrevocably – whereas treatment might prevent this and protect the hearing you have.
  4. Even if there isn't a specific treatment, there is often a lot you can do to compensate for hearing loss.
  5. Hearing loss can be a symptom of other disorders and may alert your doctor to something else that requires treatment, so ignoring it could damage your health in other ways.
  6. Often, hearing loss and associated symptoms such as tinnitus (persistent, irritating sound in the ears) are side effects of medications, so a simple change of prescription could alleviate the problem and prevent further damage.
  7. If a hearing aid is recommended as the best solution, don't despair; modern aids may be more efficient and less noticeable than you think.
  8. The best time to adjust to a hearing aid and learn how to use it is when your hearing loss is minimal. If you wait, the transition may be more difficult.
  9. Hearing loss can be hazardous. For example, if you can't hear traffic, you're at greater risk of accidents because you may miss the sound of an approaching car or a siren. At home or in a hotel, you could miss smoke or fire alarms or a knock at the door alerting you to danger.
  10. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation. People who are hard of hearing tend to avoid group conversations and social interaction, sometimes becoming reclusive.

Your sense of hearing is precious, so why take chances? If you're having hearing difficulties, it's time to make an appointment with your doctor.

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