10 reasons to hire a professional arborist to care for your trees

November 28, 2014

Expert arborists know a lot about trees that most people don’t.Here are10 great reasons to hire a professional arborist to care for your trees to ensure their health and vitality.
1. Maintain the appearance of your trees
An arborist will know the best way to maintain the natural appearance of your trees. By effectively pruning your trees, the arborist will not only avoid cutting unnecessary branches, but will also ensure that trimming is done right to help the tree flourish.
2. Avoid accidents and injuries
The risks of falling and being electrocuted must be taken very seriously when climbing a tree with nearby utility lines. Professionals have extensive training that permits them to execute these tasks safely.
3. Increase property value
Well-maintained trees beautify your property and enhance your overall property value. Taking care of your yard, the same way as you would your home, is an excellent investment.
4. Prevent and detect diseases or insect infestations
Arborists are familiar with the diseases that affect trees and also know how to spot harmful insects. If an issue is discovered they will provide the appropriate treatment to prevent further deterioration.
5. Protect yourself from getting sued
The risk of legal action should also be taken very seriously when maintaining your trees. For example, you could be sued by a neighbour if one of your trees falls on their home or if the roots of your tree damage their foundation. Furthermore, if you hire an individual without the necessary certification or insurance, and they injure themselves while performing the work, you could be liable.
6. Prevent your trees from falling
During high winds, a fragile tree is more likely to uproot or break. If you're unsure, an arborist can check on the health of your trees and take steps to prevent this from happening.
7. Select the right kind of tree
Don’t just rely on your personal taste when it comes time to plant a tree. Not only should your chosen tree please you; but it should be able to grow without damaging any underground or above ground structures. The tree should also be suitable for your region's climate.
8. Have the right equipment
Companies that specialize in tree maintenance use professional high-end equipment that you may not have and can't afford on your own. That’s worth thinking about!
9. Avoid costly mistakes
If you decide to perform the tree maintenance yourself, keep in mind that you could risk damaging, weakening or even stunting the growth of your trees. It could cost you more money to fix your mistakes than to call in an expert in the first place.
10. Save a tree from being chopped down unnecessarily
Sometimes a tree that seems dead, sick or fragile can be saved. Since the survival of trees is very close to an arborist’s heart, they can find solutions to all kinds of tree-related problems.
The bottom line

When you hire a professional arborist to care for your trees, you can rest assured that he or she has the know-how and tools to ensure your tree remains healthy and vibrant for years to come.

10 reasons to hire a professional arborist to care for your trees
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