10 tips that can help you save on travelling and resorts

Spending more on a holiday doesn't always mean having a better time, especially if you constantly have to check your wallet. Armed with this suitcase of tips, you can make the most of your hard-earned cash and get more from your holiday experience.

10 tips that can help you save on travelling and resorts

1. Are all-inclusive packages worthwhile?

The advantage of all-inclusive deals is that you can budget for the whole trip.

  • They are ideal for families with teenagers who have big appetites, want to graze all day, and are after non-stop action, but might not be such good value if you just want to read on the beach.

2. Caribbean catch

All-inclusive packages to the Caribbean represent good value for money if you want to take part in a lot of water activities.

  • But check the small print as deals usually exclude motorized water sports.

3. Cost of living

That two-week holiday in Brazil might seem like a real bargain because it includes all meals, but once you realize that a large, delicious meal for two can be had for less than $10, it may not appear to be such a good buy.

  • The Caribbean is a different matter, though, as the cost of eating out is actually higher than in Canada.

4. Look for free drinks

Check whether alcohol is included, and whether that means often undrinkable local brands.

  • Some deals, surprisingly, exclude mineral water, which can bump up the cost of your drinks bill considerably if you have children or are in a hot country.

5. Book off-season and save

  • You'll get the best deals in the Caribbean and Mexico from the end of May through October, for obvious reasons.
  • But if you want to enjoy the sun when it's in scarce supply in Canada, your best bet is to travel in October or November, when prices are still low. They soar around Christmas, drop again after New Year's and rise steadily through January and February, peaking in March.

6. Opt for a less-expensive destination

Cuba and the Dominican Republic qualify as the least expensive destinations and have some truly lovely four-star resorts with lots of activities to keep both the young and the old happily occupied.

7. Early booking bonuses

Lock in your vacation plans earlier and you'll pay less.

  • Early booking bonuses can sometimes save several thousand dollars on the cost of a vacation for your family. As well, you get your pick of resorts and times.

8. Go the last-minute route

If you're not travelling at peak times (like Christmas or March break) and you're flexible about where you go, you can get some terrific last-minute deals.

9. Look for deals where kids are free

Keep your eyes peeled for all-inclusive deals where kids stay and eat for free.

  • Sometimes you'll even see deals where kids fly for free. But that's usually only on a promotional basis and you still have to pay taxes.

10. A break for single parents

If you're single and travelling with children, often you'll end up paying full fare for your little ones by the time you include the cost of the single supplement and airfare.

  • But some family-friendly resorts, like offer a break on the rate to single parents travelling with kids.

The best way to travel is to do research and determine exactly what you're looking for to grab the best deal. Remember to read the fine print on resort contracts and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the price tag— bon voyage!

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