10 tips to become the most productive person you've ever met

January 29, 2015

Even if you tend to procrastinate and often find your energy dwindling, it's easier to stay motivated, productive and achieve your goals than you might think. Here are 10 tips that will help you.

10 tips to become the most productive person you've ever met

Even with low energy levels and the tendency to procrastinate, you can still train yourself to get things done until you've become the most productive person you've met. The secret to productivity? Getting the balance right so that you stay motivated and fight the urge to give up when things get hard. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Know your body

Begin by celebrating your body's strengths and accepting its weaknesses. When do you perform better? Are you a morning person, or do you feel at your most creative late at night when everybody else is sleeping?

  • Establish when you can be the most productive and focus on getting the work done then.

2. Establish a routine

Although we've connected the word "routine" to something mundane and repetitive, the truth is that routines are known to help complete tasks. Train your brain and body to a specific schedule and pace, and you'll perform much better and respond faster.

3. Eat wisely

Food has a lot to do with your energy and mood. You are what you eat, so if you want to be happy and active, opt for light, balanced meals that will offer you the nutrition and boost of energy you need and keep you in good spirits.

4. Exercise in the morning

Starting your day with a dynamic workout is the best move if you want to increase productivity. Being fit in general is crucial when it comes to releasing endorphins, relieving tension and getting rid of stress.

  • A one-hour exercise session first thing in the morning will have you extra charged and buzzing for the entire day.

5. Plan ahead

You may want to consider some pre-planning for your busiest days.

  • Set aside a few minutes the night before your busy days to organize your documents, clothes and meals.

6. Ask for privacy

Sometimes, all you need to stay productive is time alone. It's natural to get stressed out and lose motivation when you're constantly interrupted.

  • Ask for privacy and make everyone respect your time when you have work to do.

7. Disconnect

The Internet can be addictive and it pushes us to waste a lot of our time doing meaningless things. Switch it off when you're trying to focus and see how much more you accomplish offline.

8. Make a list

A simple list of the tasks of the day and the goals of the month can work wonders when it comes to keeping you focused on a daily basis and presenting you with the bigger picture on a monthly basis.

  • Becoming aware of the fact that every little step matters and is all a part of getting you where you want to go will keep you working for it without losing interest.

9. Have a workspace

Establish a place where you work, whether it be a studio, an office, a study or even the attic. Working from home doesn't need to mean the sofa.

  • On the contrary, if you want to stay active and productive, you should always keep all your work things in a place that isn't affected by phone calls, a loud TV or kids running around.

10. Reward yourself

You will most likely lose interest in a project if it's too easy or too difficult. If it's too easy, you'll convince yourself that it can wait for later because it's so easy to complete. If it's too difficult, you'll become overwhelmed and give up on it. To get on it and stay on it, you should always remember to reward yourself.

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