10 ways to stay cool with or without air conditioning

October 16, 2014

When temperatures rise it’s tempting to crank up the air conditioning and relax, but your energy bill also rises every minute the AC is turned on. Regardless of if you have an air conditioner or not, here are ten ways to beat the heat.

10 ways to stay cool with or without air conditioning

1. Tweak your thermostat

  • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher. Even just an increase of a few degrees can keep you and your family comfortable while reducing your monthly energy bill.

2. Invest in an AC timer or smart thermostat

  • Recent technologies have helped homeowners pinpoint when they most need AC. Responsive thermostats can calculate your patterns and provide cool air when it’s most useful.

3. Clean up your act

  • Air conditioning units with dirty, clogged filters require more energy to effectively cool a building than clean parts.
  • Replace or clean your filter monthly and  you’ll get cleaner air quality in the home.

4. Find the leaks

Is your house leaking money through leaks in the ducts and poor insulation?

  • Hire a professional to scan your home for energy leaks.
  • Some studies show the average home loses almost 27 per cent of its heating or cooling due to duct leaks.

5. Get out of the kitchen!

Some of your appliances are working against your air conditioner by generating heat of their own

  • Using ovens introduces an enormous amount of heat into your home.
  • Grill outdoors and use your stove or oven only when necessary to stay as cool as a cucumber even in the warmest months.

6. Line dry your clothes

  • It helps save money on your energy bills and prevents heat from travelling from the dryer through your laundry room.

7. Switch to CFL or LED light bulbs

CFL or LED bulbs generate much less heat than incandescent bulbs but still work great.

8. Keep blinds and shades drawn during daylight hours

  • This will block heat from entering your home and help you go without using your air conditioner during the peak of the day.
  • If your windows are open, spraying your drapes with cold water can help introduce cool air into a room.

9. Create your own air conditioner

By just placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of an oscillating fan, you can enjoy a cool breeze in any room of your home.

10. Stay hydrated

Drinking clear liquids with plenty of ice can help you beat the heat without using expensive air conditioning.

This summer, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay cool. Making small changes throughout your home can keep you cool and help you save lots of money.

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