10 ways to create privacy in your backyard

May 19, 2021

From creative landscaping and fences to view-obstructing curtains and screens, these 10 backyard privacy ideas will transform your outdoor space into a secluded oasis.

10 ways to create privacy in your backyard

[Photo Credit: Leslie C Saber]

1. Build a privacy fence
Whether you take a DIY approach or hire a professional, installing a privacy fence is one of the best ways to enclose your space from prying eyes. When it comes to materials, hardwoods like cedar and redwood are long-lasting options that will hold up against the weather.

2. Mount shade sails and awnings
Add some shade to an overexposed deck or patio by hanging weather-resistant fabric sails or retractable awnings. These billowing yet sturdy canopies block out harsh sun and provide added privacy if your property is surrounded by taller homes and buildings.

3. Plant greenery
Create a natural privacy wall by planting rows of tall ornamental trees, hedges and grasses in strategic locations. Hornbeams and boxwood are a classic choice, bamboo will create an exotic feel, and cypress trees are an evergreen that can grow up to five feet per year.

4. Add decorative screens
A freestanding structure made with wood lattice or decorative panels is an airy alternative to a solid privacy fence. Stand-alone privacy screens block sightlines while also letting light in, and can be used as dividers to break up your backyard space into distinct zones.


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5. Install a water feature
Not only are water features easy on the eyes, but they also create ambient sound that can help drown out surrounding noise from a neighbour’s dog or street traffic. Listening to the calming sound of babbling water will instantly make your garden feel more serene and secluded.

6. Grow a garden trellis
A freestanding garden trellis is a backyard privacy idea that requires wood, wrought iron, or strong plastic vertical frameworks to support vines and climbing plants like roses, hydrangeas, clematis and wisteria. Find pre-made trellises at your local garden centre, or have one built to your specifications.

7. Build a gazebo or pergola
Freestanding sun shelters add architectural interest to your backyard and create a protected enclosure for alfresco dining. Add curtains or netting to a gazebo or pergola to create an even more secluded feel.

8. Construct a feature wall
Create visual interest while blocking sightlines in your backyard by installing an ornamental privacy wall. Feature walls can be decorated with vertical planters, hanging lanterns, shelving, and string lights. If you don’t have a green thumb, line your wall with faux boxwood hedges for a pop of colour.

9. Hang outdoor curtains
Hanging fabric panels alongside a porch or deck can protect you from both the sun and nosy neighbours. When selecting privacy drapes, choose an outdoor fabric that’s weather resistant and easy to clean.

10. Try multi-level landscape design
If you’re ready for a major outdoor overhaul, use multi-level landscaping to construct a tiered garden that offers more backyard privacy. Create elevated terraces and recessed alcoves by installing bushes, trees and rock walls at varying heights.

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