10 ways to gift wrap a wine bottle

January 29, 2015

Wine is an appreciated gift for almost any occasion. Knowing how to properly gift wrap a bottle of wine can turn an easy gift into something much more personal and meaningful.

10 ways to gift wrap a wine bottle

1. Use a large bow

Sometimes a festive bow is all you need to make a bottle of wine ready for giving. For best results, pick velvet or wire-edged ribbon that will hold its shape. Then tie an elaborate rosette bow and affix it to the neck of the bottle of wine.

2. Buy a furoshiki

Furoshiki is a type of cloth used in Japan to wrap and carry presents. A beautiful silk furoshiki is a gift within itself, but all furoshikis can be tied around a bottle of wine. Most furoshiki come with instructions to help you wrap basic shapes and you can use rubber bands to make the process easier.

3. Keep it simple with tissue paper

Set a bottle of wine onto several squares of contrasting tissue paper. Draw the points of the tissue paper together until they cover the wine bottle. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and fluff the edges of the tissue paper.

4. Try a tea towel

Use a unique tea towel and a thick piece of fabric ribbon, instead of tissue paper, to wrap a bottle of wine.

5. Make your own wine label

There are dozens of free wine label templates that can be customized on your computer to commemorate a special occasion or holiday. Simply find a label you love, print it out and tape it over the bottle's existing label.

6. Place it in a gift basket

For more elaborate gifts, place a few bottles of wine in a basket with a few appropriate food pairings, such as gourmet cheese or fruit.

7. Attach a wine corkscrew

An extra wine corkscrew is always a useful party gift. Buy an easy-to-use corkscrew and tie it to a bottle with a festive bow.

8. Recycle a sweater into a chic wine sleeve

Cut the sleeve off of an old sweater and use it as a cozy wine sleeve for the bottle. Keep the sleeve in place by tying some coordinating yarn around the bottle's neck.

9. Offer cute trivia on a gift tag

A large handmade gift tag with some information about the vineyard, food pairing suggestions, or other interesting details can dress up a bottle of wine. Make sure your gift tag is brightly coloured and appropriately festive. Simply tie it to the bottle.

10. Save time with a gift bag

Long and narrow gift bags made to fit a bottle of wine are sold at many retailers. If you purchase your wine locally, your wine shop might offer gift bags as well.

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