12 easy tips to conserve water at home

July 28, 2015

A frugal attitude to water is good for the environment — and it can save you money too.Most of us don't realize how much water we waste every single day. We are literally flushing a precious resource down the drain. Here are a few easy tips to help you conserve water every day.

12 easy tips to conserve water at home

Conserving water in your kitchen

  • If you have a leaky tap, fix it. One dripping tap can waste more than 5,000 litres (1,320 gallons) of water a year.
  • Take shorter showers and shallower baths. Have a timer in your bathroom and set it when you get in the shower, so you know when it's time to get out. Knock a minute or two off your shower time every so often.
  • Use the half-flush option on your toilet if you have one. If not, place a large plastic bottle of water — with the lid on — inside the cistern, well clear of the flush mechanism. With each flush, you'll save as much water as there is in the bottle.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Tips for saving water in your kitchen

  • Rinse dishes in a sink of clean water rather than running them under the tap.
  • Don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless you have a full load.
  • Only fill kettles with as much water as you need.
  • Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge, so you don't need to run the tap until the water is cold.

Other water conserving tips

  • Fit a rain barrel to your downpipe for watering your gardens.
  • Water your garden in the evening or early morning, when less of the water will evaporate. If you must use a hose, fit a nozzle so that no water spills uselessly on the ground.
  • Don't water your lawn, even if it looks parched; it will turn green and lush again as soon as it rains.
  • Wash your car with a bucket and sponge rather than with a hose.

By following these simple, everyday steps, you'll be making environmentally choices that may even save you money on your next water bill!

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