12 life hacks that will help you deal with winter

January 20, 2015

Doesn't it seem you're always spending time, money and effort just to stay warm in winter? What about those super-short days when the sun seems to set as soon as it rises. These 12 clever hacks will help you enjoy winter's beauty to its fullest.

12 life hacks that will help you deal with winter

1. Wrap your car mirrors

If you park outdoors, use storage bags to wrap the side mirrors of your car.

  • That way, you never have to worry about scraping off or chipping away the ice and snow that make the glass surfaces unusable – especially after freezing rain.

2. Lift your windshield wipers

Lift your windshield wipers from the glass so they're standing straight up. Then cover the blades with  old socks.

  • This prevents the blades from sticking to the windshield. Plus when you're ready to leave, just peel off the socks (gently) for ice-free wiper blades.

3. Scrape the ice with a credit card

If you can't find your ice scraper and a layer of ice is covering your windshield, use an old credit card or a gift card (without any value on it) to scrape off the ice.

  • Never use a card with any value because the ice may damage it. Similarly, avoid using an active debit card or any such similar cards to scrape ice or snow. The combination of vibration, ice, snow, and flexing of the card's material could irreversibly damage the card itself.
  • Likewise, the same goes for your mobile phone: just don't!

4. Use cat litter

If your car is stuck in the snow, put kitty litter on the bottom of your tires to improve traction.

  • Kitty litter can be used on front walks for traction, but boots tend to pick it up in their deep treads. The problem then becomes kitty litter is tracked throughout the house if you (or visitors) do not diligently remove your footwear each time you enter.

5. Heat a small room

Use a portable heater in a small room to warm you up a little more. They're also a money-saver: no need to crank up the thermostat to heat the whole house!

  • Just remember that portable heaters should not be left unattended as they pose a fire hazard, especially when small children and pets are around.

6. Shovelling made easy

When shovelling snow, spray some silicon-based lubricant or non-stick cooking spray on the blade to prevent snow from sticking.

  • To make shovelling even easier? Hire the local neighbourhood kid to do it for a few bucks!

7. Warm air from your ceiling fan

Set your ceiling fan to spin clockwise during cold days so it pushes warm air from the ceiling back to the floor.

  • Because warm air rises and cold air sinks, the air near the ceiling tends to be warmer. Just don't set the fan speed too high.

8. A warm bath that will warm your house

Like to take warm baths? When you're done, open the shower door or curtain and the bathroom door.

  • The residual heat from the water will help warm the house and humidify the dry air – an issue in winter because cold air tends to retain less moisture.

9. Wear running tights

If long johns prove too bulky to wear under your winter clothes, try running tights, which feel better and keep you just as warm.

10. Use an electric blanket

Got a spare electric blanket? Put it in your dresser under the clothes you intend on wearing.

  • It will warm up your duds before you put them on. Just remember to turn it off during the daytime. You needn't keep your clothes toasty and warm all day long!

11. Keep the shape of your winter boots

Cut up a pool noodle or two and put the pieces inside your winter boots to help them keep their shape.

  • Planning to step out soon? Consider plunking a couple of hot water bottles into your boots about 20 minutes before stepping out into the cold. Your boots will be warm, toasty and inviting for your tootsies when you put them on.

12. Use a hot water bottle to heat your bed

Don't have an electric blanket for your ice-cold bed? Warm up your sleep the old-fashioned way with a hot water bottle.

  • Put the bottle under the sheets about half an hour before you climb in. Your linens will be nice and warm!

It always seems that winter is ready to cost you a lot of money and effort just to stay warm. The solution? These 12 clever hacks that'll have you spending more time enjoying the winter weather and much less complaining about it!

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