14 thoughtful and easy-to-personalize gifts that really stand out

November 3, 2015

There’s nothing like giving someone a gift that was made especially for them. Personalized gifts are an easy, affordable and meaningful way to step up your gift-giving game. Here are 14 ideas sure to be appreciated.
Whether you are searching for the perfect birthday present for your spouse or looking for a unique and useful housewarming present for a friend, a personalized gift is the way to go. Below are some inspiring ideas.

Tailor the gift to your loved one's interests

  • Shopping for a coffee or tea connoisseur? Make each day’s drink more fun with a photo mug, or one that’s personalized with you friend’s name, an inside joke or other memorable phrase.
  • Besties with a yogi? Get her a yoga mat or bag embroidered with her name so she’ll never confuse her gear for someone else’s.
  • Is your pal a smart phone fiend? DIY or buy a phone case in his favourite colour or with a pattern or picture that he’ll love.
  • Want to let a special kiddo know that you are thinking about him or her? Buy a recordable storybook and you can share in reading time even when you can’t be there to read it in person.
  • Know a puzzle-lover? Have a custom puzzle made using a meaningful photograph or image.
  • Don’t forget your pet! Custom embroidered collars for pets are both stylish and a great way to ensure that if Fido or Fluffy ever go missing, your information is with them so they can be quickly returned to you!
  • Are your friends fashion-conscious? An engraved necklace or bangle are sure to be go-to items in their jewellery rotation. For your gentlemen pals, stylish monogrammed cuff links or a tie tack are sure to be hits.
  • Buds with a passion for brew? Have a bottle opener emblazoned with his or her name.
  • Is your friend a lover of the outdoors? A personalized pocketknife is both a meaningful gift and a highly practical tool for outdoor adventures.
  • New baby? Welcome a new baby with a blanket embroidered with baby’s name and birth date.
  • Is your kid a budding artist? There are companies that will take your child’s drawing and create a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal that brings your child’s creation to life!
  • Is practicality paramount in your gift giving? Have a wallet or purse personalized with your friend’s monogram and give him or her a stylish accessory that can be used every day.
  • About to tie the knot? You can have your wedding bands engraved with dates or a short significant saying that will transform your rings into one-of-a-kind mementos.
  • Looking for a cute gift from the kids to their grandparents?Preserve handprints or footprints in a DIY painting, or buy a garden stepping stone kit that your kids can decorate.

Let your imagination soar but always think of the recipient

The bottom line in personalized gift-giving is: consider the recipient! If you keep in mind your friend’s personality, likes, dislikes, interests and favourite activities there's little chance you'll go wrong.

14 thoughtful and easy-to-personalize gifts that really stand out
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