18 things you’ll wish you knew before moving

June 4, 2020

Moving into a new home is exciting. Packing up your entire life and transporting it there can be a stress-filled nightmare. We’ve rounded up our best tips, tricks and hacks to help you have a smooth move.

18 things you’ll wish you knew before moving

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1.       Be flexible on timing. Peak moving dates can cost top dollar. Call moving companies near you to find a day of the week (usually Monday through Wednesday) and time of day when movers have more availability and might offer reduced rates.

2.       Go for the ramp. If you’re doing it yourself, ensure you book a moving truck with a loading ramp. It may cost a little more, but will save time, energy and possibly prevent injury.

3.       Consider a portable container. Renting a portable moving container ensures only your hands will touch your belongings. Simply pack it up, lock it up and it gets delivered to your new home for unpacking.

4.       Ask about cleaning protocols. Sanitation and cleanliness are important considerations when hiring movers. Don’t forget to ask moving companies about their standards, to ensure they align with your own.

5.       Hire a sitter. If you have children or pets, arrange for them to spend moving day with someone you trust. You’ll be better able to focus on this already stressful day.

6.       Purge before you pack. It may sound basic, but doing a ruthless decluttering will not only save you time packing, but ultimately help you save money on moving costs. You may even be able to generate cash by selling unwanted items you won’t need in your new home.

7.       Label boxes on the side. Fight the natural tendency to write only on the tops of moving boxes and also label the sides, so you’ll be able to read the contents even once stacked.

8.       Pack your suitcase. Wheeled suitcases are a great way to pack – and move – your heaviest items, without the back pain.

9.       Wrap breakables in clothing. Old t-shirts make a great substitute for bubble wrap. Plus, you’re packing two things at the same time. Clean socks work well for glasses and other stemware.

10.    Throw in the towel. Lay down towels under heavy furniture pieces to do double duty: protect floors and enable them to slide easily into place.

11.    Bag it. Resealable sandwich bags are a must for storing all those screws and bolts from disassembled furniture. Secure the bags firmly to their rightful place with packing tape, and label them just in case they get separated.

12.    Take a picture. Snap a few photos of the plugs and cords on the back of any major electronics. This will make your re-installation quick and easy to replicate.

13.    Wrap your drawers. Instead of emptying the contents of drawers, remove drawers from dressers and other furniture and wrap tightly with plastic wrap to secure items inside.

14.    Cover your mattress. Installing old fitted sheets over the top and bottom of your mattress will keep it clean throughout the move.

15.    Use your noodle. Pool noodles are a great tool for protecting the frames of large mirrors and pictures. Cut the noodle halfway through vertically and wrap around frame edges.

16.    Put an X on it. Apply packing tape in an ‘x’ shape across mirrors and glass picture frames to prevent breakage while moving.

17.    Make it clear. Pack a large clear plastic bin with all of the essentials you’ll need for the first day or two in your new home i.e. hand sanitizer or soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, tools, phone charger, garbage bags, disposable cutlery, towels, sheets, etc.

18.    Thank your team. Moving takes a village, so if you’ve enlisted friends to help, don’t forget to offer them refreshments (pizza and beer are easy to serve). You may even want to offer up any furniture you don’t need as a gesture of thanks. If you’ve hired professional movers, water and light snacks are always appreciated, as is a gratuity.

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