2 creative ways to personalize your motorcycle

November 3, 2015

Canada's Traffic Safety Act regulates the extent to which vehicles, including motorcycles, may be personalized. Here are two ideas for creatively customizing your motorcycle without breaking the bank or the law.

2 creative ways to personalize your motorcycle

1. Custom painted body art

A custom paint job can transform the look of older motorcycles, but if you want to go the extra mile, consider custom painted body art, also called personalized skin. You can paint personal images meaningful to you or use bodywork designs from famous motorcycles featured in films. For example, you can take inspiration from the spunky red Transformers motorcycle ridden by Megan Fox or model your design after Christian Bale's renegade ride in The Dark Knight Rises.


1. Ready your art and determine the space on which it will be painted on the motorcycle.

2. Clean the parts that will form the "canvas" where your artwork will be placed – for example, the frame, tank, engine shell and radiator shell. For older bikes, sand all aluminum parts and polish all stainless steel pieces.

3. Give the canvas a base coating using a POR engine enamel paint, which is made especially for engines and does not require primer.

4. Create a seamless look by spray-painting the canvas with a white PPG base paint. Airbrush for a smooth finish.

5. Once dry, you are now ready to paint your motorcycle with a design meaningful to you.

2. Personalized license plate

A personalized motorcycle license plate is a great way to add a personal touch to your bike. Aside from fancy colours, it can carry an important message about your name, a special date or slogan expressed in an alphanumeric combination of your choice. Canada's provinces each have their own Personalized Plates Program, allowing the use of up to 5 characters for motorcycles (7 for standard vehicles).


1. Compose your personalized motorcycle license plate consisting of 3 to 5 alphanumeric characters.

2. Have your driver's license number or registrant identification number (RIN) ready.

3. Contact any authorized local vehicle registry agent to process your personalized plate. They will check whether your preferred alphanumeric combination is available.

4. Fill up the application and order form. You will be provided with the breakdown of fees you need to pay and the delivery details.

5. Wait for your personalized motorcycle plate, which should arrive within 3 to 4 weeks.

For many riders, owning a motorcycle is a personal thing – a reflection of their individual style and values like freedom and control. With custom painted body art and a personalized license plate, you can show the world how you ride in style.

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