2 DIY projects to glam up lighting

June 30, 2015

Looking for an easy do-it-yourself home decor idea to perk up a space? Glam up a dreary chandelier with beads or paint your own ceiling medallion — it'll look like a whole new room.

2 DIY projects to glam up lighting

Bedazzle an ordinary chandelier

A plain chandelier can become a dazzler when hung with artful strands of crystals and beads. Go through what you have already — leftover glass beads and faux pearls from other craft and sewing projects, crystal baubles from an unused chandelier, beads from broken or no longer fashionable costume jewellery. Look for beads with sparkle. Though stringing with pliable wire will allow you to form shapes, dental floss and beading thread are just as strong as wire. String baubles and beads in interesting combinations and then loop and swag them on your light fixture until you have a look you like. Then turn on the light and appraise the dazzling results.

Safety tips:

  • Always make sure the light is turned off at the switch and/or unplugged before working on it.
  • If a fixture can easily come down to be worked on, it's best to take it down.

Paint a simple ceiling medallion

Plain, flush ceiling light fixtures are the Cinderellas of room lighting: They work so very hard, yet no one pays them any attention. With a little leftover latex paint, some string and a ladder, you can dress up an underwhelming ceiling light to be fit for the palace ball. The idea is to mimic a circular plaster medallion.

  1. On paper, work out an attractive design, such as concentric circles in different colours and shades. Remember that you'll be painting upside down, so keep the design simple.
  2. Tie a pencil to one end of a piece of string, taping the other end to the centre of the fixture. Now, mark off your outside circle.
  3. Use the string compass to mark other circles and semi-circles, and a straightedge for lines. Evaluate your design from ground level before painting. If you're not confident of your painting abilities, use flexible painter's tape to outline sections of your medallion as you proceed.
  4. Wipe away any mistakes with a wet cloth. With some advance practice, you might add shading and highlighting to give your faux medallion a 3-D look.

It doesn't take much to transform a room. Become a transformer — you'll love the results.

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