2 homemade solutions for your dog's fleas

July 27, 2015

You want your dog to freely roam in the great outdoors, but sometimes when it's time to come back indoors, they're carrying some unwanted visitors in their coat! Follow these instructions to keep your dog's fleas at bay.

2 homemade solutions for your dog's fleas

Cocktail flea dip

To check for fleas, comb your pet over a sheet of white paper: If black specks (flea frass) drop onto the paper, treat the animal at once with this dip (double it for large pets). There are many expensive flea dips on the market but this one — pennies a pop — works without harsh chemicals. To get rid of flea eggs — and future infestations — wash the animal's bedding and vacuum your house thoroughly.

      What you need:

  • 30 ml (2 tbsp) vodka or dry vermouth
  • 850 ml (3 to 3/4 c) water

    What to do:

    1. In a two litre (eight cup) saucepan, stir alcohol into water and bring to a boil.

    2. Remove from heat, cover pan, and allow solution to steep for two hours.

    3. Rub cooled solution into pet's fur, rinse, and comb out. Makes one treatment.

Flea-begone bandanna

Here's a safe, renewable, flea-repelling bandanna to make for your dog that is much healthier for the dog and anyone who plays with it than expensive toxic flea collars. It's prettier too. The active ingredients are essential herb oils, which smell good to us, but fleas and mosquitoes can't stand them. Herbal oils are readily available at health food stores.

      What you need:

  • 1 cotton bandanna (colour and pattern of your choice)
  • 1 small vial rose geranium essential oil
  • 1 small vial lavender essential oil

    What to do:

    1. Sprinkle several drops of each oil onto the bandanna.

    2. Roll the bandanna and tie it loosely around your dog's neck.

    3. Launder the bandanna; retreat with oil when the scent fades.Note: If your dog won't wear a bandanna, dab oil between its shoulder blades where it can't be licked off. Don't get oil near a dog's eyes, nose or mouth.

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