2 tips to keep your turntable spinning

Whether your turntable is something you use every day, or only on occasion, you want to keep it working like new. Make the most of your turntable, and records, and it'll keep on turning for years to come.

2 tips to keep your turntable spinning

1. Adjust tone arm tracking

  •  To get the best sound quality from your records, you need to have the proper weight, or tracking, on the tone arm.
  • This is essential for keeping the stylus in the grooves of the record, and too little weight is as bad as too much.
  • If you don't have guidelines from the stylus or cartridge manufacturer, you can fine-tune the tracking yourself by slowly adjusting the weighted knob on the back of the tone arm.
  • You'll need to use a record to test the tracking, preferably one that's not a collectible.
  • Start with a light setting that just allows the tone arm to make contact with the record surface and increase the weight on the arm until you eliminate any skipping or excessive distortion.
  • Sometimes the tone arm's tracking may be fine, but it will still miscue. The cause is likely to be the needle itself.
  • Either the tip is worn out, broken off, or it might be dislodged from its holder. Lift up the arm and carefully examine the needle.
  • The diamond tip is on the end of a short shaft, which rests in a fork-shaped rubber holder.
  • This shaft can often be easily dislodged from the holder. If that's the case, simply ease it back into place.

2. Don’t touch the needle

  • Never touch the diamond tip of the stylus with your bare fingers.
  • The oils left behind by your hands can decrease its sensitivity and result in accumulations of dust and grime.
  • You can also inadvertently dislodge the needle from its holder or even knock off the tip.
  • If you need to clean the stylus, try blowing on it or using a soft, clean brush.
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