2 tips to make your old door airtight

After many decades, that old wood front door is leaking air and causing major drafts. You could replace it, but that old door is part of the original architecture of your home. Here are two ways to fix it without loosing the door.

2 tips to make your old door airtight

1. Add a door sweep

  • It attaches to the bottom of the door, consists of a strip of rubber attached to a metal flange.
  • The rubber presses against the threshold, creating an excellent seal.
  • It's easy to install — you cut it to length and attach it to the bottom of the door.
  • The drawback is that sweeps must be placed on the interior of an inward-swinging door.
  • They are also very visible and may not be the decorative touch you have in mind for your foyer.

2. Add threshold weatherstripping

  • It's less obtrusive but harder to install.
  • There are several types, but the most common uses a rubber gasket, usually set in a metal or an oak threshold.
  • You'll need to pull up the old threshold and cut the new threshold to fit.
  • For the threshold to work best, the bottom of the door should also be bevelled slightly in the direction of the swing.
  • If your door is not already bevelled, doing this involves removing the door so that you can make the bevel with a plane or belt sander.

Don't forget to weather-seal

It's important to add weather-stripping between the door and side and top jambs.

  • There are several products you can use.
  • Metal tension strips are the most durable.
  • Cut the metal strips to length with tin snips.
  • Then nail the strips in place through the holes in its flange.
  • Finally, bend the strip out a bit so it will press against the door when it closes.

If you're worried about the air infiltration that comes under your door, you can solve this by installing either a door sweep or threshold weatherstripping.

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