3 advantages of staying at airport hotels

December 17, 2014

Getting up for an early flight is the worst. You basically have to wake up in the middle of the night, get dressed while you’re half asleep and somehow make your way to the airport. One way to make early flights way less painful is to stay overnight at an airport hotel. Here are just some of the advantages of checking in at a hotel near the airport.

3 advantages of staying at airport hotels

1. You don’t have to get up as early

The closer you are to the airport, the less time it will take you to get to your gate. So if you’re staying in an airport hotel, which is essentially right next door to the airport—or maybe even on airport grounds—you’re in luck. Because you get to sleep in more, you will wake up more refreshed, ready for your busy day of travel up ahead.

2. No travel expenses

Maybe you have a free place to stay in the city, or you've found a cheaper hotel far away from the airport. Before running to the cheaper deal, consider how much your cab ride will cost you to get the airport in the middle of the night. Public transit won't be readily available at odd hours so what may seem like a cheaper deal, may actually not be as economical as you think.

3. You can eat a leisurely breakfast

Hotels often have breakfast included—or at least available—on site. But if you’re staying a hotel far from the airport and wake up to catch an early flight, you will be too early to catch the breakfast service. However, you are much more likely to be around the hotel to take advantage of the breakfast service if you are staying at an airport hotel.

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