3 Asian fusion pizza ideas

November 3, 2015

Three Asian fusion pizza ideas

Try these three delicious Asian fusion pizza ideas at home and wow the dinner guests at your next party or event.

3 Asian fusion pizza ideas

Ginger peanut chicken pizza

Anyone who has tried Thai cuisine knows just how well peanut sauce goes with a variety of spicy flavours. This time, try substituting it for the tomato sauce on your next homemade pizza and adding fresh and finely chopped ginger to the mix. Then top the pizza with fresh vegetables and braised chicken as well as a bit of coconut milk and lime juice for a tangy Southeast Asian flavour. An easy way to make homemade peanut sauce is to simply water down some peanut butter with milk or coconut milk until you get the desired consistency.

Mango basil pizza

Tropical fruits go really well with classic pizza ingredients, as evidenced by the worldwide popularity of the Hawaiian slice. Mango, with its meaty texture and full bodied taste also stands up very well to a bit of time in the oven, and can be used as the base fruit for a tasty tropical pizza. Basil is a standard fresh herb in both Italian and Southeast Asian cuisine, and added to a mango or other fruit-based pizza, it gives the whole pie an aromatic flavour that is nothing short of mouthwatering. Add fresh chili paste to really make this pizza burst with the kind of pizzazz that Asian food connoisseurs and true Italian cuisine lovers will go crazy over!

Tandoori curry pizza

Smothering steaming Indian curries on a piece of nan or roti is already so reminiscent of a pizza pie that this connection borders on the obvious. Try cooking or ordering a tandoori chicken or lamb curry and then spreading that out on a full pizza crust and baking the entire thing in the oven for 10 minutes. The result is a flavour-packed sensation that will bowl over even the most serious non-believer, especially if grated cheese and fresh tomatoes are added as toppings just before it is placed in the oven.


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