3 cold weather comfort foods

November 3, 2015

Three cold weather comfort foods

Whether you're stuck indoors due to a snowstorm or are just getting cozy next to an inviting fire, winter is all about comfort food. Below are some tips and ideas for easy and yummy comfort food.

3 cold weather comfort foods

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the traditional winter beverage choice for cold, snowy days. You can always opt for the powdered version available in grocery stores, but why not make your own?

Take a bar of chocolate (around six ounces), chop it up and slowly blend in milk as you heat the mixture over a low to medium flame. Add a pinch of vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg for a flavourful treat, or enhance the luscious sweetness of the drink by throwing in some marshmallows. For a totally indulgent drink, whip some cream to crown your creation, then sit back, sip and enjoy.

Yummy 'taters

Nothing says comfort food like the humble potato. Try yummy, chunky cut fries served with loads of ketchup, or finish off a perfect winter meal with a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes blended with milk and butter. Spice up potatoes with a little garlic. For a tasty zing, add some sharp cheddar cheese. Top the potato with some parsley, and you're all set.

Try a sturdy twice-baked potato. It's easy. Rub olive oil over the potato and bake it for about an hour in a 400 degree F oven, then cut the potato in two, scoop out the insides and blend with sour cream. Throw in some chopped bacon, green onions, and cheddar cheese for a zesty treat. Add blue cheese and chives for a little extra zing. Once assembled, bake the potato for another 10 minutes, then enjoy.

Pasta aplenty

The easiest pasta is sometimes the best. As your favourite pasta cooks, mince a clove of garlic and toss it into a frying pan with a little butter. After it browns, add enough butter to blend with the pasta. When the pasta is done, drain it and add the butter mixture. Add minced Asiago cheese if you prefer extra flavour.

For a makeshift pasta pesto, pour warmed olive over the pasta, toss in some pine nuts, a little minced basil and lots of Parmesan cheese. Eat it while it's hot.

Enjoy the winter with warm, satisfying comfort foods.


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