3 common types of spa facials

Three common types of spa facials

There are many types of spa facials, and that makes choosing the right one for you quite difficult. The following three types of facials are popular because they address a wide range of needs and provide full renewal of the face.

3 common types of spa facials

1. Standard hydrating facial

Hydrating facials are perhaps the most common kind of spa facial. In this treatment, the products used are designed to moisturize your skin. First, your skin is washed with warm water and cleanser. Then, to open up your pores, the skin care therapist gives your face a steam bath. Next, exfoliate is applied, which removes dead skin cells; this gives you a glowing face and younger appearance.

After that, the therapist gets rid of all the contaminants on your skin through an extraction process. Lastly, moisturizer and toner that are appropriate for your skin are spread across your face. All of this works to rejuvenate, hydrate and beautify a dry, aging or dull face.

2. Hot and cold stone facial

Stones were first used in the massage industry for body massages, but now they are commonly used in spa facials. In this treatment, the stones are placed at key facial points to help renew the face from the inside-out. Water-heated stones and cold stones are alternated to energize you and improve blood circulation.

The stones reduce muscle stiffness and help expand blood cells. This allows you to efficiently flush toxins out of your body and thus prevent imperfections from popping up on your face. This is not only healthy for you but also has a pleasant sedative effect. Additionally, the stones help tone and sculpt the face. Treatments usually last between 45 and 90 minutes and leave you with an improved appearance and calmer mood.

3. Microdermabrasion facial

A microdermabrasion facial offers incredible anti-aging benefits, as the treatment is designed to thoroughly remove dead skin as well as age spots and wrinkles. It also treats scarring, sun damage and other imperfections. The purpose of this spa facial is straightforward: to build collagen, a protein in the skin that keeps the skin firm, smooth and even. Collagen declines with age, so a microdermabrasion facial offers serious benefits to adults.

These common types of spa facials are offered by many professional spa treatment centres. Prior scheduling a facial treatment, consider your needs and the type of skin you have. That way, you can research the best facial for your needs, which will have your face looking as radiant as possible.

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