3 easy tips for cleaning and storing your linens

July 27, 2015

Beyond everyday clothes and accessories, there are many other household items that need storage space. In addition to needing a place of their own, some items, such as linens, require special handling to preserve them. Here are easy three tips for cleaning and storing your linens.

3 easy tips for cleaning and storing your linens

1. How to prepare table linens for storage

Putting a little extra effort into caring for your table linens will pay off. They will last longer and look fresher for many years.

  • Before storing table linens, wash them to remove any dirt or stains. Repair any tears or holes, so they are ready to use when you pull them out of storage.

2. Clean table linens in no time

Cleaning table linens before they go to storage is simple! But you must remember:

  • Hard water can leave iron residue in laundered items, which will rust and leave brown spots. If you have hard water, use a washing additive to launder table linens.
  • Don't starch or size table linens before storing them. Starch and sizing are corrosive and are best used on items that you use and wash frequently.
  • Potpourri, lavender and other sachets are fine for frequently used items, but don't place them directly on stored linens. The natural oils from dried flowers can cause fine fabrics to deteriorate.

3. Where to store table linens

If you store clean table linens properly, you won't have to spend much time ironing when you're ready to use them.

  • Narrow cubbies and narrow, pull-out drawers work well for napkins and placemats. You can also buy handy under-shelf wire trays at most home centres.
  • For tablecloths, buy a dowelled pullout rack that you can install in a large pantry cabinet. Tablecloths can be hung on the dowels and pushed in out of sight. As a last resort, hang clean tablecloths on padded hangers in a spare closet and cover them lightly with washed muslin or washed cotton sheets.
  • Although you might want to keep all your holiday decorations together, you can best care for holiday linens by storing them with your other linens in a well-ventilated place.

Storing your linens doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort. Keep these tips in mind and store your linens the proper way.

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