3 easy ways to deal with waste management in rural areas

July 27, 2015

If you've gone from city living to life in the country, you know that even the little things you used to take for granted are different. One such thing, no doubt, is waste management. Here are three easy tips for disposing of your waste in a quick and eco-friendly way.

3 easy ways to deal with waste management in rural areas

1. Learn about proper disposal

As with many other services that are conveniently provided in town, disposal of waste and garbage in the country is the responsibility of the homeowner.

  • Recycling and composting can reduce household waste by half.
  • Some rural homeowners let their garbage collect for a few weeks at a time, keeping it covered in watertight containers. They then dump it in a landfill.
  • In some areas, rural landowners are allowed to dispose of garbage in their own landfill or by burning.
  • Check with your regional sanitation official, zoning office or engineer for regulations governing your area.

2. Quickly dispose of waste in a private landfill

Private landfills are convenient, but pose problems in the long run when people forget where garbage is buried. This adds a complicated twist to property sales.

  • Such landfills should not be used for certain items, such as batteries, tires, petroleum products (including paints and oils), pharmaceutical supplies, asbestos, appliances, garden chemicals and other hazardous wastes.
  • These need to be taken to the local landfill where the operator can dispose of them properly. Otherwise, these materials will contaminate soil and leach into water supplies.

3. When to burn waste

If burning is allowed in your area, it should be the disposal method of last resort.

  • Burning pollutes the air with smoke and contaminants.
  • It also creates ash, which contains concentrated contaminants.
  • Newspaper and magazine ink, for example, often contains lead, which remains in the ash.
  • Dispose of ash at the local landfill; never spread it on soil.
  • Burn garbage in a large metal barrel. To keep any sparks from the fire from flying out, make a screen for the top, using fine wire mesh. Use stones or firebricks to weight it down while burning, so it cannot blow away.

Waste management can be tricky when you live in the country— but not impossible. Follow these smart tips and know the laws of your area to quickly dispose of your waste without harming the environment.

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