3 easy ways to take care of your grooming gear

October 9, 2015

Here are some easy ways to care for your curlers, hairbrushes and razors so that they work better and last longer.

3 easy ways to take care of your grooming gear

1. Take it easy with curler cleaning

If you use harsh cleaners on your hair curlers, you risk having those damaging chemicals transfer to your hair. Instead, make your motto "Hair today and hair tomorrow," using this money-saving cleaning technique.

  • For curlers that are submersible in water — plain rollers, Velcro rollers, foam-coated wire sticks — fill your bathroom sink with warm water, mix in approximately 10 millilitres (two teaspoons) of your own shampoo or facial cleanser to create suds and let them soak. (If it's gentle enough for you, it's gentle enough for your curlers.)
  • Gently comb out any hair stuck in the curlers. Then wipe with a rag to remove caked-on films. Rinse and either dry with a clean towel or air-dry.
  • For stubborn stains, such as hardened setting lotions or gels, mix up a solution of 50 millilitres (1/4 cup) warm water and 15 millilitres (one tablespoon) liquid fabric softener. Gently scrub the solution in with a vegetable brush. Rinse and dry.
  • For non-submersible electric curlers, clean with a rag or brush and the fabric softener solution. Rinse by wiping the curlers with a damp rag and then dry.

2. Brush up on hairbrush cleaning

The first trick with maintaining brushes is to remove the hair often, instead of waiting until it is thickly matted.

  • Every so often, wash them in an economical and effective cleaning solution — 10 millilitres (two teaspoons) shampoo with 50 millilitres (1/4 cup) vinegar in a sinkful of warm water.
  • Remove any loose hair, soak the brush for several minutes, and use a wide-toothed comb to remove the remaining hair stuck in the brush (pulling it through each row of tines on the brush). The solution will loosen any built-up oil and dirt, as well as gunked-on hair gels and sprays.
  • Scrub the brush clean using a nailbrush. Rinse with warm, running water. Let the brush air-dry.

3. Soak razors in mineral oil

Razor manufacturers want you to change razors as often as you change shirts, of course, but a simple trick will prolong your razor's life.

  • Pour some mineral oil into a shallow dish and soak it for a few minutes. The mineral oil will halt the corrosion that dulls the cutting edge.
  • When the soaking time is up, dip the corner of a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe off the oil.

Extend the life of your grooming gear with this simple guide and you can save money by taking care of your products instead of replacing them.

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