3 expert ideas to extend the life of your deck

July 27, 2015

The outdoor elements can be hard on a wooden deck. Here are some ideas to fight off the sun's ultraviolet rays, cracked wood and creeping mildew from moisture.

3 expert ideas to extend the life of your deck

1. Beating back the sun

Ultraviolet light will naturally cause the wood on your deck to fade. Use a semi-transparent stain or clear finish that contains UV blockers or UV-light absorbers to maintain the original colour of the wood.  Look for a deck-renewing or deck cleaning product to bring back colour already lost to the sands of time. Most products require you to spray or roll the solution onto the deck, then scrub with a stiff brush after the solution has been absorbed. Rinse thoroughly. Apply a finish as soon as possible.

2. Fix small problems before they get bigger

Cracks and splinters do not go away, they only get worse. Driving another fastener or two into the wood may solve the problem but if the boards are too dangerous you will have to replace them.  Hammering nails that have popped back up is only a short-term solution. Instead, remove the nails and replace them with decking nails or screws.

3. Stain solutions

The natural leaching of wood can lead to cedar decks developing a few black stains. Clean them with a mild soap-and-water solution. If the stain persists then mildew could be the culprit. Clean with a bleach solution, and take steps to ensure the area can remain dry.

Keeping your deck looking its best adds value to your home and lets you enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest. These maintenance ideas ensure you will have a beautiful deck for years to come.

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