3 fun DIY craft activities for kids

Kitchens contain plenty of items for crafts. Below are three ideas to keep the children busy and creative.

3 fun DIY craft activities for kids

Glitter from salt

Bring some glitter and glitz to your little ones' projects, without having to buy the commercial stuff. Mix one tablespoon of liquid watercolour with a quarter of a cup table salt or rock salt, then shake the salt and colouring in a plastic bag to distribute the colour evenly. Spread the mixture on paper towels on a flat microwaveable plate and microwave on high for two minutes. Cool and break up any clumps with your fingers, then store in a dry, airtight container.

Play-dough hair with a garlic press

To make hair for play-dough figures, roll up a small ball of play dough, put it in a garlic press, and slowly press out the strands. Use a small paintbrush to dab a little water on the spot where a strand will be attached; then press the piece in place with a toothpick or the pointed end of a small-size knitting needle.

Pasta art

Even little kids can make beautiful abstract designs with this project that's as old as the hills: poke around in your pantry for stray, half-empty boxes of dried pasta. Make different shapes and sizes by breaking up long strands of spaghetti and lasagna, add elbows or ziti, and colour as desired with non-toxic food colouring. When dry, the possibilities are endless:

  • Make a personal treasure chest by covering the top and sides of a shoe or cigar box with the pasta, using craft glue.
  • Draw designs on folded construction paper or card stock and glue on pasta for a personal holiday or birthday card.
  • String together coloured elbows or any tubular pasta to make necklaces, bracelets, or anklets.
  • Glue pasta shapes to barrettes, hairpins and even belt buckles!

Your kids will have a blast with these DIY craft activities and since most of the items can be found in the house, you'll love them too!

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