3 gift ideas for kayakers

November 3, 2015

Choosing a meaningful gift for a kayaker friend can be a challenge because a lot of the gear is custom made. However, there are several ways of finding a gift any kayaker will appreciate and find useful.

3 gift ideas for kayakers

1. Think accessories

  • While a kayaker generally has their own dry suit and kayak, there are always pieces of kit and gadgets that are useful in the sport.
  • Consider a simple yet useful gadget such as nose clips or thermal socks. A kayaker can never have enough dry bags, either, and the water tight locking systems are vital for those on rivers all day. Sealant that preserves zips on clothing from exposure to the water is a useful and inexpensive gift.
  • If your kayaker goes fishing, consider a rod holder for the kayak. Fishing accessories such as line and a net are other ideas. River knives are useful for fishing and safety too.
  • When it comes to true safety gadgets for the canoe, consider super seats, floats, and paddle leashes. There are also wheels for towing canoes and tarps for sheltering outdoors for convenience.

2. Clothing

  • Every kayaker loves a good kayaking t-shirt. T-shirts with kayaking motifs come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even designed as thermals and base layers that are particularly suited for function and style.
  • For other outerwear options, take a look at kayaker gloves or leg wear that is waterproof.

3. Books

  • When a kayaker isn't kayaking, they can still learn new tips and techniques through books. There are lots of books on kayaking technique, which can help improve the safety and sheer ability of the kayaker.
  • For those who enjoy kayaking for the surrounding nature, there are plenty of books on birds and river wildlife, photography techniques, and outdoor survival. There are also guides to rivers, sea kayaking and much more.
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