3 good reasons to grow brahmi

February 29, 2016

Why should you grow brahmi in your personal garden? Because it is an ancient medicinal plant with amazing properties! Here are three virtues of brahmi.

3 good reasons to grow brahmi

3 medicinal properties

Parts used :Entire herb

  1. In Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), brahmi is prescribed toimprove memory and the ability to learn or concentrate . Scientific studies have demonstrated the reality of some of these effects, but these only occur at the end of three months of treatment.
  2. Brahmi is also recommended as a tonic for the nervous system, and other clinical studies have demonstrated a decrease in anxiety,encouraging its use in cases of anguish or nervous fatigue.
  3. Scientists believe it could help the nervous system in its ability to transmit messages to the brain , hence its ancient medicinal properties.

Brahmi is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.


  • Brahmi is a creeping perennial with bright green succulent leaves that grows in wetlands. Its simple, spatulate, and oval leaves are arranged in opposite pairs and have a bitter taste.
  • Its small white flowers, with five petals that reveal shades of blue on the back, last several months. The fruits are small, flat and capsular.


  • Brahmi grows on terrain with moist soil and little shade. It flourishes in wide, shallow containers, or even as a vine or in a hanging pot for the summer.
  • It can also be grown in a heated aquarium or in a pond in the summer. It is sensitive to frost and must be protected in the winter.


  • Brahmi can be sown, but it is easier to proceed with cuttings by selecting creeping shoots in the process of taking root.
  • The shoots take quickly when they are repotted separately; non-root seedlings also.


  • Because of its shallow root system, brahmi must be watered frequently, especially if it is in full sun.
  • For rapid growth, add liquid fertilizer made from seaweed.
  • Keep at a minimum temperature of 15° C in the winter and at over 20° C for optimal growth.

Pests and diseases

Another good reason to growbrahmi since there are no parasites and no disease.

Harvest et conservation

Gather the stems and leaves that are five months old, leaving five centimetres (two inches) of stem so that the plant regenerates. Dry the leaves in the shade, at room temperature, and store in airtight jars.

You now have good reasons to grow brahmi, first, for its beneficial medicinal properties to the nervous system, the brain and the memory, and then, because it is easy and fun to grow!

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