3 good reasons to grow yarrow

Stopping the bleeding and healing fever may be simpler than you think. Yarrow is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. Here are three of its medicinal properties.

3 good reasons to grow yarrow

3 medicinal properties

  1. Yarrow has been prescribed since ancient times for its ability to stop bleeding and reduce inflammation.
  2. Taken as an infusion with elderberry flowers, it promotes sweating and lowers the temperature in case of fever.
  3. It is also a very good digestive remedy, which helps relieve colic and indigestion by stimulating bile secretion and liver functions.

It is traditionally prescribed in cases of severe bleeding or to combat menstrual pain. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, unless by medical advice.

Warning: It can have side effects in case of sensitivity to the plant families asteraceae or compositae.


  • Yarrow is a hardy perennial that forms a tuft of coarse stems with very finely divided leaves and has a strong, refreshing and exhilarating scent.
  • It spreads by underground rhizomes.
  • Small, white to pink flowers, are arranged in dense and flat umbels at about 70 centimetres (29 inches) from the soil. Several hybrids have been created from Achillea millefolium, generating colourful and long-lasting flowers for flowerbeds.


  • Although the hybrids have no medicinal uses, they can, however, be used as an ornamental species.
  • They include Moonshine, Cerise Queen, Lilac Beauty, all named after the colour of their flowers.
  • Sneezewort yarrow, formerly an herb to snuff, and achillea filipendula, with mustard-coloured flowers, make pretty, cut flowers. It was used once to perfume the wash water.


Yarrow needs well-drained soil, in the sunshine. Once well established, it is drought-resistant.


Grow this species in the springtime. Proceed by division rather than by seedlings for all varieties of yarrow.


Yarrow is quite invasive, therefore, it is best to control its growth.

Harvest and preservation

  • Collect the flowering stems when the flowers have fully bloomed.
  • Dry them in small bundles upside down and out of the sun. Pick leaves as needed.

In short, that's three reasons to grow yarrow in your garden. In addition, its flowers beautify your backyard!

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