3 great date ideas to go berry picking

November 3, 2015

Three great date ideas to go berry picking

Going to pick your own berries at a berry orchard is a fun activity, an inexpensive way to get fresh fruit and a great idea for a daytime date. If you want some ideas for a date that's unique, active, and delicious, check out this list.

3 great date ideas to go berry picking

1. Create a cute invitation

Make the date feel like an event, and send your partner an invitation to the berry orchard. On the outside, use a clever and romantic pun, like "I picked you, now let's pick something else!" Then, on the inside of the card, put the details like time and location of the date, and helpful information about what to wear. Creating a charming invitation card is a nice romantic overture and can also be helpful for anyone who hasn't gone berry picking before.

2. Go picking

Clear your schedules, and spend a whole day picking berries. Drive out to the orchard, and bring your own buckets to gather the berries. Then spend time being leisurely, talking, and filling up a pail that you share. You can wander out into the orchard and get lost, and when you're in a secluded place, even steal a romantic kiss.

When you're done picking berries, check out all of the other produce and products that the farm sells, since many make foods like fresh pies, homemade guacamole, and maple candies. Be sure to take pictures when you're out in the orchard, since berries and bushes make lovely backgrounds for photos!

3. Get cooking

When you're done at the orchard and have weighed and paid for your berries, head home to one of your houses and go straight to the kitchen. Gather recipes for a three-course meal that has berries in each course, then cook it together. There are many sweet and savoury dishes that include berries, like blueberry and brie pizza, salmon steaks with blueberry sauce, and, of course, homemade berry pies or cobblers. Once you're done cooking, you can divvy up the berries so you can both have some, or you can put them in containers to share with friends, since berries don't keep for long.

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