3 fun ideas for setting up a wedding photobooth

November 27, 2014

3 fun ideas for setting up a wedding photobooth

While weddings are celebratory events, they can also be financially stressful. Thankfully, by setting up your own photo booth, it's possible to provide entertainment for your guests without spending a fortune.

  • Photo booths allow wedding guests to get creative and let loose while enjoying the festivities.

Moreover, your friends and family can take their own snapshots and will leave the reception with a little souvenir of your special day. Here are a few great ideas for some fun and unique photo booths.

1. Chalkboard signs

One way to create a photo booth that will really get your guests involved is to allow them to create their own signs with personalized messages as a backdrop.

  • Hot glue or staple cardboard cutouts in the shape of speech bubbles or thought bubbles to short wooden dowels or chopsticks. Paint the cardboard with black chalkboard paint.
  • Set the photo booth up against a blank background, such as a brick wall, and place a table with the cutouts and a bowl of chalk and erasers nearby.
  • Encourage guests to write funny messages on the speech bubbles, which they'll hold up in the photos.

2. Dress-up

For fun and silly pictures, or for a photo booth related to the theme of the wedding, leave a bucket or bin of dress-up supplies near the booth.

  • Include things like hats, sunglasses, fake moustaches, wigs and fun props that people can hold or wear when they take their pictures.
  • If your wedding has a theme, consider supplying props and costume pieces related to it. For example, if you're having a music-themed wedding, providing microphones, inflatable guitars, tacky shades and permed hair-band wigs is a great way to get people excited.

3. Picture-frame booth

Give your guests a picture frame that they can pose with for a creative photo booth idea.

  • Look in vintage or thrift stores for a large, antique gold frame. You could also making a giant mock Polaroid photo frame out of cardboard or poster board.
  • Picture frames give guests a smaller dimension to squeeze into, creating funny, cozy and entertaining photos. They also result in a visually-appealing, uniform group of photos at the end of the event.

There are plenty of creative variations you can explore if you're planning to set up a photo booth at your wedding. All it takes is a bit of imagination to make this amusing addition a memorable part of your big day.

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