3 healthy benefits of playing music for your baby

November 3, 2015

Exposing your baby to music, whether through everyday singing or listening to formal music lessons, offers a number of short- and long-term benefits. Here are just a few.

3 healthy benefits of playing music for your baby

1. Calming and soothing

  • Many parents instinctively turn to music when they're trying to calm and soothe their baby.
  • They might sing a soft lullaby to their baby before a nap, or put baby to sleep with soothing music and swaying.
  • Music can be an effective way to soothe baby, just as it can be an easy way to calm you down when you're feeling tense.
  • Softly played music can encourage your baby to relax, which can help him or her fall into a deep slumber.

2. Communicating and socializing

  • One study has revealed that music - in this case, interactive music classes designed for parents and babies - has the potential to encourage early communication in babies.
  • The 2012 study, conducted by McMaster University researchers, showed that babies who engaged in an interactive music class displayed strong early communication skills.
  • These music-exposed babies were also more social - they smiled more, were easier to soothe and indicated less distress when problems arose.
  • Thus, music has the potential to have an all-encompassing influence on baby's demeanour.

3. Connecting with parents

  • Music can also allow you to connect with your youngster.
  • A lullaby that mum sings to baby every night before bed can put him or her at ease. An upbeat tune can make your youngster giggle and even dance with dad.
  • A familiar tune can bring out a smile during a stressful moment, whether your baby is anxious, stressed or worried.
  • Introducing music at an early age gives babies yet another way to bond with their parents. Listening to their parents sing helps babies connect with mum and dad.

Incorporating music into your baby's life is simple. Turning on a soft song during quiet time or singing along to the radio are simple ways to expose your youngster to music. Making music a habit, whether you're enrolled in a baby music class or singing along to a kids' album during playtime, exposes your baby to music's many benefits at a young age.

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