3 headaches to steer clear of when booking discount travel

November 23, 2014

On the surface, discount travel is appealing. But dig deeper, and you'll uncover three headaches to steer clear of when booking discount travel that could putyour vacation at risk.
Discount travel deals let you visit exotic places with substantial savings, right? But if you don't read the fine print, you may be in for trying times instead of carefree days. Competition in the travel industry is so intense that travel agencies, websites, apps and advertisements continuously offer deals designed to gain a customer before losing them to a rival.

As such, although this competitive environment presents many travel savings, savvy consumers should look a little deeper when purchasing discount travel packages. To prevent jeopardizing the quality of your vacation, steer clear of the following three headaches when booking discount travel.

1. Wet, miserable weather

A great deal on a Waikiki vacation package in January looks like the perfect opportunity to escape the winter for sunnier skies. Have you checked the weather? The region's annual weather reveals that January is Waikiki's rainiest month, with an average of 10 days of pouring rain! If those 10 days of rain overlap your vacation, be prepared to experience your discount vacation package from the hotel room instead of the beach.

  • It's always wise to check an area's average weather as well as the upcoming forecast before booking travel. Weather is one of the prime factors that can put a damper on any vacation. It can also be the reason why travel was discounted in the first place.

2. Hidden fees

All-inclusive vacation packages offer some of the most heavily discounted travel deals, especially during the off-season when giant resorts would rather fill rooms for low prices than stand empty.

  • When an all-inclusive vacation doesn't include basic perks like airport pick up and hotel drinks, you may pay just as much or more than non-inclusive vacationers.
  • Watch out for "upgrade fees" that can charge you extra for things like premium menu items or a room with a view. Don't be misled by the pictures.
  • Read the fine print before booking a discount all-inclusive vacation to avoid hidden charges, fees and misrepresentation.

3. Complicated flight connections

A four-day vacation to Brazil transforms into a quick overnighter once you factor in stopovers in Miami, Panama and Buenos Aires.

  • Travel agencies and websites often find cheaper flights by booking them piecemeal, meaning they grab random promotions to create trips that are significantly less expensive than flying direct. Although you'll eventually arrive at yourdestination,long flights, transfers and stopover times can significantly devalue your vacation.

Avoid these three discount travel headaches to prevent unpleasant and unexpected situations. By booking correctly, your dream vacation can be just a few clicks away.

3 headaches to steer clear of when booking discount travel
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