3 places to find volunteer opportunities

November 3, 2015

Where to find volunteer opportunities

The following suggestions on where to find volunteer opportunities are just a few of the many possibilities available for those who want to make a difference.

3 places to find volunteer opportunities

1. Soup kitchens

  • Feeding the homeless and the poor is a vital activity that is performed by non-profit organizations and religious institutions, and more volunteers are always wanted.
  • Most towns have at least one program dedicated to cooking and serving meals to those for whom affording food on a daily basis is a struggle.
  • To connect with soup kitchens in your community, do a simple online search for "feeding the homeless" or "free meals programs" along with the name of your town to see what kind of operations are in effect.

2. Tree planting programs

  • One of the best ways to offset global warming, reduce air pollution, and add some green to the neighbourhood is by planting trees. A local action with worldwide effects, tree planting programs have taken off across Canada in recent years.
  • Although many organizations have government funding, they mostly rely on volunteers to do the actual planting.
  • To find volunteer opportunities planting trees in your town, check with the local community development department or search online to find out more about programs across the country.

3. Elderly programs

  • Another area that often needs volunteer support is assistance for senior citizens with limited means. From meal delivery programs that bring food to the house-bound elderly to shopping programs where you can accompany a senior citizen to the store and help carry their merchandise, the need is great in most parts of the country.
  • To connect with an organization, contact your local senior centre. They are usually staffed by a volunteer coordinator who will have a full list of their needs available for you to choose from.
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