3 reasons dance is good for athletes

Enhance your athletic abilities by practising varieties of dance

While it might not seem like the two worlds should cross over, athletes have a lot to gain from taking dance lessons. Whether you're a weekend warrior or committed pro athlete, dance can be the secret training weapon you need to boost your game.

3 reasons dance is good for athletes

1. It improves agility

If you're on a team in a sport that requires quick, precise movements, such as soccer, the ability to move fast and with control is critical.

  • Dance can help because it strengthens small muscles like the ones in your feet.
  • Strengthening the small muscles, as well as the big muscle groups sports tend to train, can help you a lot when it comes to making those split-second moves.

2. It can promote faster thinking

The coordination required to move your body in time to music is another tool for improving your performance.

  • Learning to think ahead to perform complex physical combinations trains your mind to work ahead of the game.
  • On the field or in the gym, that translates to being able to work out strategies and respond much quicker to whatever your teammates need or your opponents spring on you.

3. It can lead to fewer injuries

Most sports tend to work certain muscle groups heavily, the big muscles of your legs, or upper body, think shoulders and pectoral muscles.

  • It's easy to end up over training those muscles and get hurt.
  • Most dance forms strengthen the smaller muscles and tendons that support those big muscle, which takes the strain off.
  • Also, dance works your core and improves your posture, both of which are important to keep you from getting hurt.

These are just a few of the ways dance can help athletes. Maybe dancing won't trigger a career shift, but it can actually improve an athlete's performance in team sports in a number of ways. 

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