3 reasons to have a lawn

Nothing says "home" like a solid lawn in front of the house. A soft carpet of green grass is a fine place to play, an ecological boon and bound to lift your spirits.

3 reasons to have a lawn

An environmentally friendly lawn

Lawns are sometimes criticized by environmentalists for all the watering and chemical treatment their maintenance can require.

  • But if you use restraint with chemicals and leave room in your landscape for a diverse collection of other plants, a lawn can be a valuable feature in your home's outdoor ecosystem.

1. What a lawn can do

  • A healthy lawn absorbs rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field, and prevents runoff and erosion of topsoil.
  • Lawn grasses trap dust and dirt, and their roots (and the soil microbes they host) act as filters to capture and break down lots of different pollutants.
  • An average front yard lawn has about twice the cooling capacity of the average home-size central air-conditioning unit.
  • An attractive landscape with a well-maintained lawn can add 15 per cent to a home's value.

2. Your lawn and allergies

With a bit of consideration on your part, your lawn not only won't add to your allergy suffering, it may even help you breathe easier.

  • The best lawn grasses won't produce pollen, either because they don't bloom at all (like hybrid Bermuda) or because regular mowing never gives them the chance.
  • On the contrary, a thick lawn can trap billions of airborne pollen grains each season between its millions of long, slim leaves.
  • When it rains or when you use the sprinkler, the airborne pollen is pushed down to the ground, where it remains.

3. Lawnmowers and allergies

Certain types of lawnmowers can help ease allergies, too.

  • A rear-bagging mower traps and bags pollen along with the grass clippings.
  • A well-maintained mulching mower dumps pollen below the mower along with the finely chopped clippings, and rain quickly pushes it into the soil.
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