3 reasons why booking a trip online could be your best bet

February 3, 2015

Sometimes it pays to book your trip online instead of going through a travel agent. Here are three great reasons it may actually be your best bet.

Looking to save some money? Does reading reviews from other online customers help you make purchasing decisions? Here are the top three reasons using an online booking portal is sometimes your best bet.

3 reasons why booking a trip online could be your best bet

1. You have specific travel parameters

A private travel agent has two ways of selling their services. The first is to sell pre-packaged travel itineraries, which may or may not fit what you want. The second is to create a completely custom travel itinerary, and attach a high booking fee to it. These agents also have to meet a quota, which means it’s likely they will try to sell you something you weren't originally on the market for, and as a result, don't fully love.

Booking a trip online is perfect for those who like to price compare and create their own packages, specific to their needs. Also, you'll be avoiding high booking fees associated with using an agent.

2. The personal touch is standard, not extra

One of the touted benefits of a private travel agent is the personal touch in their services. That agent is supposed to be your advocate and help you if you have an emergency while travelling. What if your agent is not working one day, who can you reach in an emergency?

Most online travel portals offer 24/7 support. They have dedicated teams assigned to handle emergencies. Striving for your satisfaction is their number one priority — even after they've made the sale. Personal service is standard, not extra.

3. Save money, save time

While travel agents might be able to acquire some unique travel arrangements, they’re not likely to be able to compete with the deals you’ll find using real-time booking portals.

Online services enjoy better rates on inventory because of high volume, whereas independent agents cannot typically compete on price. They are also given priority for special deals they can pass onto their customer. In fact, some online travel agencies can cut your booking bill by more than half.

Due to the business ecosystem that an online travel agency creates, you not only save money, but also time. Rather than relying on one person to make all the arrangements for you, there are entire teams of people. They've anticipated the desires of travellers, such as you, before you ever visited their site. All you have to do is make the choices about your preferred travel and then make the purchase.

Travel doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, or even be risky. When you use a reputable online travel agency, you know you're in good hands.

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