3 simple ideas for great Iftars

The breaking of the fast or Iftar during Ramadan is an important part of the day. Here are some creative ways to celebrate this special moment with family and friends:

3 simple ideas for great Iftars

Blending the traditional with a new twist

As the call to evening prayer goes out and fast is broken, it is time for family and friends to gather. Traditionally dates are served along with platters of traditional food which varies from country to country. There's pilajoo in Bangladesh and samosas in India.

  • One idea for Iftar is to experiment a little with a dish from another Islamic nation which shows how the Muslim religion is shared across the world.
  • Why not try borek pastries from Turkey or noon breads from Iran. Adding something different gives a different twist and flavor to the Iftar feast.
  • You could also add a little Western style cuisine to the Iftar table.
  • Another alternative is to reflect on an Islamic country ravaged by war or crisis and eat the food from that nation for one of the Iftars as a way of remembering fellow Muslims.

Find delicious drinks

At Iftar, chai or tea is served in some nations whilst others enjoy a yogurt based drink called lassi.

  • You could also use fresh fruit juices made from watermelon or mango. Something cool and refreshing is always welcome.
  • In Bandung, a drink made from condensed milk and rose syrup is a popular refreshment and is an alternative way of serving Iftar drinks.
  • Why not teach the children how to make some of these drinks and then serve them for the Iftar, as a way to keep them involved?

Share food

Ramadan is always a time for reflection and for sharing.

  • Many Islamic families open their homes to strangers and to non Muslims to share food at this time.
  • Local communities serve food to the poor and thinking how your celebrations may benefit others who are in a desperate situation is all part of Ramadan.
  • Why not invite someone who is alone or who is destitute to your Iftar meal?
  • Another idea is to share the cooking with the neighbours so that each family brings a dish to be shared at Iftar. Neighbours can get to know each other better this way.

Ramadan and Iftar are special moments in the Islamic calendar. These are just a few ways of marking the occasion and breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan.

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