3 Steps for Great Closet Organisation

July 27, 2015

Think of how you’d feel if you opened your closet and found exactly what you needed. No matter what you use your closet for, you can get it in shape.

3 Steps for Great Closet Organisation

Organising Shelves

If you’re planning a full-interior overhaul, you can often get design tips at the closet store and sometimes this service is complimentary. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Most shelving and accessories are made of epoxy or vinyl-coated wire known as ventilated shelving. This option is economical, lightweight and allows for circulation. It comes in different types too. For lighter storage pick wide mesh. This is suitable for things like your towels and light clothing. Narrower mesh is ideal for heavier items so is a good option for the pantry, garage or laundry room.
  • For super sturdy shelving, go for plastic laminate. This is plastic-covered particle board, or melamine. It costs more than coated wire but is durable and attractive coming in black, white or wood finish.
  • If you need a combination of light and sturdy, you can mix these two types of shelving for a functional closet.

Shoe Organisation

You don’t have to rummage around for your shoes every time you go out. There are so many ways of storing your footwear and they’re simple to set up. These tips will give you some ideas:

  • Racks are available in many styles and in freestanding as well as wall-mounted and door-mounted designs.
  • Tilted shelves in both laminate and wire that can be wall-mounted or positioned at foot level.
  • Laminate cubbies keep shoes nicely organised.


If you don’t know where to find your favourite accessory, it’s time to get a system in place.

  • Drawer dividers separate a drawer into smaller sections to help keep socks, scarves and belts from getting jumbled or lost.
  • Inserts can be found in many plastic or laminate shapes.
  • Tie and belt racks come in a variety of clever forms, including pull-out bars with metal hooks. Tie racks can be attached to existing shelving or mounted on the closet wall. Put the rack in a place where ties can hang freely without wrinkling.

Use Your Imagination

You use your closets for so many different purposes that it’s handy to know that there are plenty of ways to get the contents organised. These ideas might fit the bill.

  • Hooksare available in metal and plastic. They can be screwed into walls or doors to hold robes, shirts, towels and belts.
  • Gliding pull-out shelves made of wire or laminate are handy for storage.
  • Wire baskets are often sold in stacking sets and are good for storing towels, laundry, jeans, sweaters and toys.
  • Stacks of drawers can be inserted into a closet to hold everything from hosiery to sweaters.

Get organised

Utilising your available closet space and getting contents in order is easy with just a few practical tips

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