3 steps to relocate your ride: why pro car movers are a must

December 8, 2014

Driving your car by yourself to your new home isn't always doable. Here are the 3 easy steps to take to relocate your ride – and why pro car movers are a must.

3 steps to relocate your ride: why pro car movers are a must

Own more than one car? Is your ride dicey for long-distance driving? Maybe you're moving your household by air freight. Whatever the reason, you can leave your vehicle in the good hands of pro car movers to ensure your ride arrives quickly and safely at your new home.

  • Most reputable car movers will offer you a free estimate, insurance (check the coverage carefully), and help you with the paperwork, including formalities for international transport.
  • They will suggest different options.
  • Plus they'll guide you during all stages of the move.

So, what are the three steps to follow when you're ready to relocate your ride?

Step 1: Prepare your vehicle

You must remove all personal belongings from the car before releasing it to the movers. That said, some items can stay on board, such as:

  • Protective covers
  • Child seats
  • Spare tire
  • Basic maintenance accessories such as booster cables, jack, lug wrench and snow brush
  • The owner's manual

*NOTE: If your car is leased, you must provide a written statement from the dealership authorizing you to relocate it.

Step 2: Inspect your vehicle thoroughly

Before handing your car over to a car-moving company, be sure the vehicle is in good condition.

  • Clean the inside and outside, and pay attention to any scratches or dents before releasing it for transport.
  • If you find tears in the seat or convertible roof, mend it or reinforce it to prevent further damage.
  • Also, your gas tank should be half full, other liquids and coolants should be filled, and your alarm system must be disarmed.

A review and declaration of your vehicle’s condition will be filled out and signed with you. Remember to keep a copy.

  • It’s a good idea to take pictures of the car at this time. If you question a scratch or a dent after the move, you can use these pictures to compare.

*NOTE: In the event you make a claim, your insurance coverage will be based on this report. Be sure to note every detail.

Step 3: Agree on the details


You and the movers should agree on a delivery date together, but try to be accommodating.

  • Delivery can sometimes be delayed by stormy weather, car accidents (other vehicles, not yours) or situations beyond everyone’s control.
  • If delivery is scheduled for the evening, wait until the next day. This way you can inspect your vehicle properly in the bright daylight.

It’s a big move, so take your time before signing a release over to the mover, even if levels of patience are wearing low.

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