3 things to do if you're staying at a noisy hotel

December 17, 2014

You’re staying at a hotel and are ready to turn in for the night, but the room next door is having a noisy argument or party. Here’s what you can do about it.

You've booked a great hotel room, but the people in the next room are making way to much noise for you to rest. What do you do? It is an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. Initially, most people try to ignore the noise. But eventually, your patience wears thin. These are some steps you can take to get some rest and relaxation.

3 things to do if you're staying at a noisy hotel

1. Call the front desk

What do you do to deal with all the noise? Call the front desk. Simply dial the extension listed on the phone, or in the directory available in your room, or dial ‘0’. Once you are speaking to the front desk, explain the situation. Depending on the hotel policy, they may just call the room next door to warn them about the noise, or send an employee to deliver the message in person. Sometimes this is all it takes to quiet down the rowdy room.

2. Find security

If the source of noise is coming from a common place in the hotel, like the pool, or parking lot, a call to the front desk might not be appropriate. For one thing, the source of noise may not even be from a guest of the hotel. You can check the directory in your room for the security contact. Or call the front desk and have them redirect your call to security. These are professionals trained to deal with situations that involve trespassers or disrespectful guests.

3. Call local police

If there’s an outrageous amount of noise coming from a hotel room on your floor and you've called the front desk, called security, knocked on the door and still the noise will not stop, it may be time to call the police. Does the noise sound like violence, or criminal activity like theft? If so, don't hesitate to call the police. If the source of noise is related to a crime, the police are best equipped to handle this situation. Stay in your room unless the police tell you to do otherwise.

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