3 tips for learning to love your curly hair

October 24, 2014

Embracing your curly hair is as easy as finding an experienced stylist, choosing a flattering haircut and investing in quality products.

3 tips for learning to love your curly hair

1. Find an experienced stylist

Curly hair requires an experienced stylist. A quality haircut is worth paying for, as is the advice of a master stylist.

  • If you don't already have a stylist, start researching.
  • Ask friends and co-workers for names of good salons.
  • The receptionist at these salons usually knows which stylists are best with curly hair.

2. Choose a style that flatters

Long hair

Longer hairstyles work well for curly hair.

  • The hair should be cut into long layers, avoiding clear distinctions between them. The long and layered look is great whether your curls are tightly spiraled, in loose waves, or anywhere in between.
  • The goal is to accentuate the curls without letting them overpower your hairstyle, allowing the hair to flow smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Work with your stylist to find a length that is easy to maintain and flatters your face.

The bob

From Joan of Arc to the first movie stars, the bob is a hairstyle classic for a reason.

  • Whether your curls are in tight spirals or wavy lengths, the bob is a style that frames the face and accentuates curls.
  • The bob can be cut short (at the chin) or longer (above the shoulders).
  • Ask your stylist to cut your hair a little longer than you want in order to allow the curls to bounce back up.

3. Invest in quality products

Curly hair is more frizz prone, due to its structure. Hair care products should address the biology of curly hair.

  • The layer of cuticle covering the hair shaft resembles roof tiles, releasing moisture when the hair bends.
  • A good leave-in conditioner — in addition to a regular rinse-out conditioner — will help the cuticle maintain moisture. A lightweight hair oil can also help control frizz and prevent the cuticle from releasing more moisture.
  • Your stylist can also suggest products to help control frizz and accentuate curls.

Embrace your curls

Whether you opt for a short bob or long, wavy tresses, be sure to embrace your curls.

By seeing an experienced hair stylist, choosing a flattering cut and investing in good products, you can go from taming frizz to showing off your curly locks.

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