3 tips to avoid calling a dryer repair person

July 28, 2015

If facing problems with your dryer, it's important to check the basics to avoid paying for a service call and have a repair person simply flip a switch. Follow these three tips before picking up the phone.

3 tips to avoid calling a dryer repair person

1. If the dryer won't start

  • If your dryer won't start, check to make sure it's plugged in and that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped or fuse hasn't blown.
  • Make sure the door is completely closed, so the door switch can signal the dryer it's okay to start.
  • This might seem like a really simple first step, but think of how embarrassed you'd be if a repair person showed up only to find you weren't plugged in.

2. If your dryer won't heat

  • If your gas dryer won't heat, it might be because you told it not to!
  • Before you reach out to a professional, first make sure your control switch isn't set to the "fluff/air dry" mode.
  • It's also important in gas dryers to check that the valve is on; the handle should run parallel to the pipe.

3. If your dryer takes too long to finish a load

  • If your dryer takes a long time to finish a load, make sure your washing machine is on the right setting and operating correctly; sopping wet clothes will take hours to dry.
  • Also, clean the lint screen and check the outside vent to make sure nothing is blocking the exhaust; lint, nests, ice and stuck flaps are all possible suspects.
  • If the vent is okay, check the duct for debris or blockages as previously described.

When to call in the repair person

  • Checking these three things should be pretty quick and easy. If you've done that and things still aren't working, then it might be time to reach for the phone.
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