3 tips to get stains out of clothing

3 tips to get stains out of clothing

Wash out makeup spills

If you've spilled foundation makeup on your blouse, go to the kitchen and grab a box of trusty baking soda.

  • Sprinkle the powder onto the stain until it's completely covered and press it gently into the fabric.
  • Wet a nailbrush or an old toothbrush and lightly brush the spot.
  • If any makeup remains, repeat the process until all traces have disappeared.

Remove red wine stains

The wine tasted terrific last night, but the few drops on your shirt doesn't look all that great this morning. Club soda is a common antidote for red wine stains, but if that doesn't work, try one of these treatments:

  • Borax: Dissolve 15 grams (one tablespoon) of borax in 500 millilitres (two cups) of warm water. Submerge the stained part of the garment into the solution and soak for one minute, then toss the item in the washer.
  • Dishwashing liquid and vinegar: Dilute your favourite dishwashing liquid and gently scrub it into the stain; rinse gently with water, then apply a drop of white vinegar. Pat dry, and rinse again with water.
  • Salt and boiling water: Pour a generous amount of salt on a still-wet stain and see if the salt turns pink as it soaks up the wine. If it doesn't, pour boiling water over the salt. In either case, wash the stained garment ASAP.
  • Baking soda: Heap baking soda on the stain and let it sit for an hour or more to absorb the stain. Then shake off the baking soda and launder the garment.

Lipstick smear remover

  • Tear out the doughy centre of the bread and knead it into a ball, then blot the smear repeatedly with the dough until the stain lifts from the fabric.
  • Now wash the garment.
  • The dough ball is also safe to use on lipstick marks on no-wash woollen clothing.

You'll be thrilled at how many pieces of clothing you'll save with these handy stain-removing tips — make room in the closet!

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