3 unbeatable reasons to repair, not replace, worn out shoes

December 5, 2013

Don't toss away worn footwear. A good shoe repair shop can bring them back to life. Here are three unbeatable reasons to repair—not replace—your worn out shoes.

3 unbeatable reasons to repair, not replace, worn out shoes

In this age of disposable consumer goods, shoe repair is a service we should all think about. With a bit of professional attention, the life of your shoes, boots, winter parka zipper, and other leather or zippered items can be prolonged beyond what you thought was possible.

Reason #1: It's better for the environment

  • This kind of repair is part of a major trend towards more environmentally responsible consumer habits.
  • Our society encourages us to buy inexpensive articles, throw them out when they’re past their best, and replace them immediately.
  • Sadly, this kind of consumer behaviour only magnifies the modern headache of waste disposal and the exploitation of labor and material resources in developing countries.
  • But what if everyone purchased quality products instead, and repaired them when worn or broken?
  • From that angle, shoe repair definitely comes into its own where footwear and leather articles are concerned.

Reason #2: You'll save big bucks

Doing business with a shoe repair shop is not only great for the environment, but highly beneficial to your wallet.

  • When the heel or sole of a shoe is replaced, or when any other type of repair job is carried out to fix wear and tear, you save money. A shoemaker’s meticulous work costs a fraction of the price of a new pair of shoes.
  • The same applies when a shoe repair professional skilfully repairs thefastener of a purse,strap of a school bag, or asmall tear in your expensive leather coat.

The savings are remarkable and the bonus? A favourite article can be used for much, much longer.

Reason #3: Shoe repair guarantees comfort

A shoe repair service also means comfort. Among other things, shoemakers can:

  • Widen those narrow new shoes you bought with a bit too much optimism.
  • Stitch up the lining of your favorite hiking boots so you can hike comfortably once again.

There’s no longer any need to leave all those trusty favourites at the back of the closet in the hopes that they’ll magically get better all by themselves. As well as being able to say goodbye to unnecessary blisters and corns, you can save the money you’d spend on yet another pair of new shoes and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

Other services a shoe repair shop offers

In a shoe repair shop, you can get your scuffed shoes buffed back to perfection and buy good quality insoles, laces and creams to protect the leather of your footwear. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for advice about the best way to apply weatherproofing products.

Above all, you can take heart that entrusting your boots or shoes to a shoemaker will let you hold on to them for years to come. No more leather shoes in the garbage can!

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