3 Washing Machine Blocks and How to Fix Them

July 28, 2015

Your washing machine has a block and you have a heap of laundry. Read on for advice on the three main washing machine blocks and how to fix them.

3 Washing Machine Blocks and How to Fix Them

How to Clean the Lint Filter

Switch off the power and the water supply to your machine and take a look at the lint filter. This is the sieve that catches fluff and small objects as water drains out of your machine. If it's blocked, the water has nowhere to go and can spill out onto the floor through the washing machine door or elsewhere.

  • Check this out by opening the access hatch at the front of the machine,
  • Undo the filter cap and take out the filter assembly.
  • Remove any fluff and other debris, then rinse and refit.
  • If you do this every six months, your machine you will prevent future blockages.

How to Unblock the Lint Filter

Is your machine taking an unusually long time to fill? If so, your machine inlet filters could be blocked. To find these, look for the hot and cold hoses keeping in mind that some machines only have one for cold water. You'll find the filters inside the screwed.

  • Pull the machine out from the wall.
  • Unscrew one of the hoses and put the washer to one side.
  • Use long-nose pliers to remove the filter and its rubber seating.
  • Clean the filter under a running tap and pick out any bits of grit with a pin.
  • Reassemble and replace, then do the same with the other hose.

Fix the Outlet Hose

The first thing you should do is check that there's no kink in the hose as this is one of the most common reasons for a machine not emptying.

  • If you don’t find a kink, disconnect the outlet hose from its exit point at the bottom on the back of the machine. Be prepared to remove a cover or tip the machine on its side to gain access to it.
  • Loosen the clip, and remove the hose.
  • Use a length of wire hanger bound in masking tape to fish out any blockage in the pipe. While the hose is off, feel inside the machine. The vanes of the pump should move freely. If not, and you can't free them yourself, call a repair professional.

Effective ways to Unblock a Washing Machine

Washing machines are usually blocked for one of three reasons. If you learn to identity what the problem is, you can have your machine cleared up and ready to work in no time.

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