3 ways professional movers can help make your move a breeze

December 8, 2014

Before the move, you'll need to figure out what kind of help you'll need. Is it transport only? Or a full range of services? Here are three ways professional movers can help make your move a breeze.
Questions to ask before making up your mind

While some people are more inclined to be hands-on about their move, others will gladly pay someone to do the heavy lifting and packing for them. As such, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the time to do all the packing myself?
  • Do I need to store my goods in a warehouse for the time being until I can move into the new property?
  • How much money can I budget for moving expenses?
  • Do I have help for the big day, and if so, will there be enough space in the truck?

1. Transport services only

Moving companies can rent you a trailer, which usually vary between 140 to 400 cubic feet. You also have the option of booking a truck for the day or at an hourly rate. The average size of the vehicle is 10 to 26 feet.

  • The advantage of hiring only transportation services is that the entire load will be protected and will likely allow you to move in just one stop. What's more, you won’t need to tie everything down to the bed of a pickup truck. In addition, moving trucks have platforms to facilitate loading cargo.
  • The down side is that you'll have to do the loading and unloading yourself—with the help of friends and family, of course.
  • To drive a moving truck, you'll need to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid license (no specific driver’s licence class is required). You will also need to have insurance.

2. Transport and labour services together

This option allows you to hire movers based on an hourly rate. They're affiliated with a professional moving company, usually covered by insurance, and are liable for damage to your belongings.

  • Although unlikely, it’s possible that some of your possessions get broken or lost, but at least with professional movers, you’ll have recourse.
  • Even better, you’ll save a lot of time and energy if you delegate the task to professionals. You can supervise and direct them to the right rooms, and there’s no need to spring for pizza and beer afterwards!
  • Note that the hourly rates of labour vary greatly during the busy season.

3.The "all-inclusive" package of services

The ultimate moving experience is when you don’t even have to lift a finger: from packing your belongings to loading them in the truck, it's all done for you. While this is a terrific service, it naturally comes at a price.

  • Movers take a quick inventory of your belongings. All-inclusive moving services not only provide all the necessary materials, but they also box, load, unload and can even unpack for you. Pretty sweet!

Option: Shipping containers

Renting shipping containers is also an attractive option. Containers are delivered to your property and you get to load them at your own pace. This also allows you to empty the house and clean it one room at a time.

  • Containers are leased and include a padlock to ensure the safety of the goods inside.
  • Normally, all containers are weatherproofed and provided ample protection from the cold.

Whether you're ready to give it all you've got, or you'd prefer someone does the heavy lifting for you, the options when it comes to moving services are flexible and ready to meet your needs tohelp make your move a breeze.

3 ways professional movers can help make your move a breeze
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